Accessory Spotlight

Month long quilting accessory sale this March!

Midarm/Longarm Bobbins

M-Class bobbins

These large M-Class bobbins hold more thread than a regular bobbin, letting you quilt longer without needing to change it. They come in a pack of 10 and are made of a high-quality aluminum. These will work with most midarm and longarm quilting machines in the market, but are specifically designed to work with the Q'nique machine product line.

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Now: $23.96

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Midarm/Longarm Needles

M-Class bobbins

These high quality steel quilting machine sewing needles are available in either size 16 or 18. Each package comes with 10 needles. These will work with most longarm quilting machines. Make sure you order several of these so you always have enough on hand.

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