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Serious Quilters Require The Right Quilting Machines

Anyone interested in making quilts or other projects such as decorative wall hangings needs the best equipment available. Quilters are serious about the machines they use, leading to looking for particular features that make stitching multiple layers of fabric together simpler. For over 30 years, The Grace Company headquartered in Salt Lake City has specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling the highest quality quilting tools.

A Quilting Machine with Numerous Features is Necessary

Many quilters today want to make larger quilting patterns, leading to needing bigger quilting machine throats. Stitching on larger blocks of fabric is easier with a mid-arm or long-arm machine with a bigger working space. The engineers who designed the Grace Qnique quilting machine have thought of everything, including:

  • An easy to read full color LED menu screen
  • Built-in stitch regulation
  • Four different sewing modes (precise, cruise, baste, manual)
  • Mid-arm or long-arm machine throat length
  • Six simple to use handle buttons
  • Fast top stitching speed
  • Sturdy internal construction and mechanics
  • Heavy-duty metal body
  • Holders for large spools of thread
  • Additional accessory power ports

What Owners Think about this Quilting Machine

This Grace Qnique Machine is shipped with several important accessories such as lubricating oil, quilting needles and bobbins that assist with making gorgeous quilts. Quilters who use a Qnique machine are a cohesive group of enthusiasts who love their quilting machines. Owners of this quilting machine believe it has a high stitching accuracy, solid construction and is easy to use. Compared to other specialized quilting machines, this one is much more affordable. For anyone struggling to make quilts on a traditional sewing machine, switching to a specialized machine is a life changer.

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For over 25 years the Grace Company has been the leading manufacturer of high quality quilting frames and quilting accessories. What truly sets The Grace Company apart from other competitors is its level of quality, value, and experience toward all their endeavours. From products to external and internal customer experience, the Grace Company responds to market and customer needs and continues to lead the quilting industry. Grace Company frames and hoops are designed to be easy to build and compatible with most major quilting machines. They'll have the quilting product you need.

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