NEW High-Quality Machine and FREE SR2+ FRAME perfectly priced! Built with the same quality specifications as the original Q'nique 14+ Midarm, this amazing Q’nique 15M machine focuses on the simple manual stitch mode many quilters prefer. The simple screen displays the current speed setting and can be adjusted up or down with the push of a button on the handles. Your FREE SR2+ quilting frame is built with a superior track for smooth quilting machine movement. The frame features a 2-rail system and the new Quilt Clips for easy fabric control.  Attach the clips to the quilt and rail for even tension without having to roll the fabric. Have a passion for larger projects? Upgrade to our king-size quilting frame for only $1,000 more!

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$2999.00 - $3999.00 $4499.90 - $5499.95
Qnique 15M with free SR2+ Queen frame
Upgrade to a Continuum king-sized frame (+1,000)
Add Stitch Regulation -Normally 699.95 (+$499.00)
QuiltMotion QCT4 Beginnings (Stitch Regulation Required) (+$2,999.00)
Laser Stylus (+$119.95)
Rear Handles (+$169.95)
Ruler Base (+$99.95)
3 Piece Hopping Foot Set (+$99.95)
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Manufactured by: The Grace Company
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