Qnique 14+ Quilting Machine

All of the high-end long-arm features that quilters were looking for were carefully crafted into the affordable Qnique 14+ mid arm quilter.

The Qnique 14+ has many professional quilting features including

  • Built-in Stitch Regulation
  • An easy to read full color LED menu screen
  • Four different sewing modes (precise, cruise, baste, manual)
  • Mid-arm or long-arm machine throat length
  • Six simple to use handle buttons
  • Fast top stitching speed
  • Sturdy internal construction and mechanics
  • Heavy-duty metal body
  • Holders for large spools of thread
  • Additional accessory power ports

Learn more about the Qnique 14+ Quilting Machine here.

Qnique 14+ Quilting Frame:

The Q’nique 14+ quilting machine is designed to work seamlessly with many great quilting frames on the market for the ultimate quilting experience. The integrated steel wheels of the machine provide a smooth motion that is easily controlled with a light touch. When working from a quilting frame, you can quilt from the front or back using the optional rear handles.

Quilting with a stand-up quilting frame lets you “draw” with your stitches, creating beautiful designs with free-motion quilting. The Q’nique 14+ is also compatible with Quilter’s Creative Touch, an automated quilting software which lets you design your patterns digitally, and then lets the machine take over to do the quilting automatically!


Item Quantity
Qnique 14+ Quilter 1
Qnique 14+ Frame 1

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The new Qnique 14+ Quilting Frame is designed specifically to accommodate the Qnique Quilting Machine. Get both the frame and the machine together in this amazing combo for the ultimate quilting experience!


  • Qnique 14+ Midarm Quilting Machine
  • Qnique Quilting Frame
  • Set of 4 Bungee Clamps
  • Bobbins and Needles

Also see the Q'nique SR2 Frame Package.

Product Features

  • Sets Up In Sizes: King, Crib
  • Frame Length: 66 To 126 Inches
  • Quilt Sizes Up To 104 Inches
  • Optional 4th Rail Available
  • Height-Adjustable Legs
  • Dual-Wheel Track For Improved Carriage Motion
  • Easy To Assembly & User-Friendly
Brand: Grace
Manufactured by: The Grace Company
Category: Quilting & Sewing Machines
Model: Q14PKG
Condition: New
UPC: 636343171192

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