From early times women have sewn quilts from leftover bits of fabric to cover their beds and keep their families warm, but the sewing was done by hand since they did not have sewing machines then. The work was tedious and it took many hours to finish just one quilt. Women often got help from their neighbors and family members to finish the quilt in just one day, and each member of the group got help in making their own quilt. These gatherings were known as quilting bees, and served as social activities as well as work days. The modern sewing machine has made sewing a quilt much faster and easier than in pioneer days, but it is still necessary for a quilter to learn the intricate details of the art. It takes much more than looking through pattern books to find the right piece and then following the directions to make the quilt. Today's quilting machine is equipped with multiple accessories, so the operator must learn how to use them correctly.

A New Quilting Machine

The intricate stitches needed to create beautiful patterns on quilts should be uniform in length and consistency, and the Qnique Quilter's built-in regulation ensures perfect stitches. Highly detailed patterns are not difficult to create using this state of the art machine that uses laser technology to exactly follow the outline of images or patterns. Learning to use the Qunique Quilter is relatively easy by following the directions in the instruction books that are included, and online advice is always available. The Qnique Quilter is a state of the art machine that gives the operator all the tools needed to create pieces that are beautiful enough to sell at craft shows or online. Many women even find a satisfying career in making and selling quilts, and the Qnique Quilter can make this occupation much easier and more profitable. People who sew quilts and accessories at home to sell at shows or online are able to turn out more finished projects when they have a quilting frame. This modern machine is designed to work perfectly on many existing frames, and includes at complete set of instructions to set it up on various quilting frames.

Low Priced Quilting Machine

Considering the many benefits of owning a Qnique Quilter, prospective buyers might be concerned about its high cost. The cost of comparable longarm quilting machines typically falls between $6,000 to $18,000, but the Qnique Quilter can be purchased for much less then others. This is an incredibly reasonable price even though the Qnique offers all the advantages of the higher price machines, plus finger-tip controls for ease of operation. Although the Qnique is not classified as a longarm machine, its 15" throat length offers the operator the ability to sew most patterns effortlessly. Quilting is a creative hobby that many women enjoy, and they make lovely quilts and accessories for their own home or as gifts. Other women have begun to sell their beautiful projects at shows, in a local quilt shop or online. Unless a quilter is focused on sewing and selling quilts and accessories as a career, she may not have considered purchasing a quilting machine for her home. However, the reasonable cost and high performance level of the Qnique Quilter could make the purchase a possibility. Although it is not likely that anyone who purchases this machine would want to return it, the company policy does have a return policy due to defects with or dissatisfaction with its performance.