The SR2+ Quilting Frame

High Quality, Low Price

The SR2+ Machine Quilter offers a high-quality machine quilting frame at an affordable price. This model has been improved with a superior track system for smooth quilting machine movement. This frame also features a 2 rail system and the new Quilt Clips for easy fabric control. Just clip the Quilt Clips to the quilt and rail for even tension without having to roll the fabric.

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SR-2 quilting frame
GQ machine quilting frame

Included Quilt Clips

For easiest ever fabric tension and control

Start-Right™ Quilt Clips are the easiest and fastest way to control and adjust the layers of fabric on your quilting frame! They're also a great help when "floating" your quilt on the frame, making loading your fabric easier with less pinning!

Other SR2+ Frame Features

SR2 track

Smooth Carriage System

The track and carriage system has been improved on the SR2+ to enhance quilting machine motion.

SR2 Frame

Sturdy Steel Construction

Much of the body of the SR2+ frame is constructed of steel giving you long lasting durability. The rails of the frame are also made from steel for maximum rigidity.

Quilting Frame Leveling Feet

Leveling Feet

No matter what floor your frame is on, these feet are an easy way to make sure it's level and balanced.


Easy Fabric Attachment

For attaching the fabric layers to the take-up rail, the Fabri-Fast™ slots and tubing make it easy, without the use of tacks, ties, or tape! Complete it with our time-saving cloth leaders to help you attach your fabric to your frame easily, and accurately.

Included Accessories

quilting bungee clamps

Bungee Clamps

For Perfect Side Tension

The Bungee Clamps provide excellent and even side tension at the edges of your quilt. These new and improved Grace Company Bungee Clamps have been designed with a sleek new profile to make attaching and removing them even easier!

Quilting Machine Speed Control

Speed Control

Quilting power at your fingertips

The Grace Speed Control is a foot pedal replacement. Use the dial to set the speed of your sewing machine as you quilt. It works with many sewing machines on the market. Check the compatibility list to see if it will work with your quilting or sewing machine!

SR2+ Frame Specs

The Maximum Quilt Area on a machine frame is the total distance your machine needle can travel from one end of the frame to the other. This measurement may vary slightly depending on your machine.
You will be able to quilt an area at least as big as quoted in this maximum quilt area.

Maximum Quilt Area


Rail Diameter

1¼ inches

Maximum Machine Throat Size

15 inches

GQ frame size

Machine Quilting Accessories

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