The Z44 Hand Quilting Frame

The most adjustable frame on the market

Z44 No-Baste Frame

The Z44 is our top of the line, no-baste hand quilting frame, as well as the most adjustable frame on the market. You can set the included height-adjustable legs to your level without the need of any tools! The work area also tilts to six different angles, letting you work in the most comfortable position. The Z44 is also durable and designed to withstand heavy use. These Grace hand-quilting frames are made with a beautifully crafted Baltic Birch wood and combine style and functionality.


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No-Baste Frame Rails for Quilting

Innovative No-Baste System

Having to baste is such a waste

The 4 sturdy aluminum rails and precision ratchets make it easy to handle your fabric and tension without basting! Each of the main rails has a 50 tooth ratchet for superior tension control. Each layer of fabric is rolled on to its own rail, with all of them coming together on a "take-up" rail as you quilt.

Quilt in the most comfortable position

Adjustability so you can work the way like best

Z44 Adjustable Height
Heights Are Adjustable
Raise and lower the work area of the Z44 to one of 8 positions in a foot of adjustability. You can quilt while sitting or standing!
Z44 4 Widths
Like Four Frames In One!
Set the Z44 up in one of four possible widths. No-matter your project size, it is always recommended to set the frame up as large as your quilting room will allow.
Z44 adjustable tilt angle
Working From The Best Angle
Weather you are sitting or standing, you can tilt the work area of the Z44 to one of 6 different angles for maximum comfort and reduced stress in the shoulders and back.

Other Z44 Features

Z44 Folding Quilting Frame

Folds for easy storage

Fold the Z44 for space-saving storage, even with your project still attached!

Fourth Rail

Fourth Rail Included

The included fourth rail is a convenient way to manage your batting and keeps the batting layer off the floor.

Z44 Frame Specs

It is recommended that you leave some empty space on the sides of your rails for the bungee clamps to get good side-tension. The length of your rails, minus the space needed on the sides for the bungee clamps, determines the maximum quilting area.

Maximum Quilt Area









Rail Diameter

1½ inches

Z44 frame size

Grace No-Baste Hand Frames

Z44 Frame

Z44 Hand Quilting Frame King Size

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