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McDonald's Sew & Vac

Patrick McDonald, owner and head technician, started repairing sewing machines and vacuums in 1977. His knowledge and experience is the backbone of McDonald's Sewing & Vacuum. His engineering background provides the technical know-how to handle electronic parts and pieces. If it can be fixed, Patrick can fix it!

Dalene McDonald learned to hand embroider before she could write. She used her grandma's treadle Singer to make her first scrap quilt somewhat later. She made many of her own clothes when she was in high school and college. Dalene returned to quilting in 2003, but still loves to do all kinds of sewing. She now offers longarm quilting services using the Grace Q-Nique 21 on a Grace Continuum Frame and Quilters Creative Touch automation.

Together with great help in the form of friends and family they offer the best service in the greater Wichita area.

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McDonald's Sewing & Vacuum :

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McDonald's Sewing & Vacuum
222 S Summit St
Arkansas City, KS 67005
Open 17 years
Grace Products
McDonald's Sewing & Vacuum Wichita
601 N West St, Ste 122
Wichita, KS 67203
Open 1 year
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