Grace Company Quilting Frames

Some of the most interesting quilting frames being made today are the Grace Company Quilting Frames. Grace Company designs their frames to work with large quilting machines, making it easy to quickly quilt as efficiently as possible. Here is a closer look at the benefits that these frames offer q...

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Mid Arm Quilting Machine

Creating a quilt can be one of the most beautiful crafting activities, but it can also be one of the most tedious. When looking at quilts that were made entirely by hand generations ago, it's hard to imagine how much time and effort it took. Technology has advanced to the point of creating eq...

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Machine Quilting Frame

A machine quilting frame is an essential piece of equipment for hobbyists or professional quilters. Large sections of cotton or wool fabrics are difficult to maneuver on traditional sewing machines with small work areas. Fortunately, manufacturers have worked with knowledgeable quilters to develo...

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