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All Rear Handles

Double the ways you quilt!

These let you work from the back of the machine on a quilting frame, and are a must if wish to follow pantograph patterns or the Plastic Pattern Perfect™ templates from the back of the quilting machine. These rear handles feature the same quick access buttons as your regular quilting handles, and even provide a connection for the LCD display. This allows you to control all of the Q'nique Quilter’s functions and settings right from the rear of the machine.

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Q'nique 15R or 21

Normaly $189.95

Now $151.95

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Q'nique 15 Pro

Normaly $269.95

Now $215.95

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Q'nique 19

Normaly $269.95

Now $215.95

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Q'nique 21 Pro

Normaly $399.95

Now $319.95

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Master Cutting Collection

Only $199.00

Normally $292.30

No-matter how big or small your project is, the Master Cutting Collection provides everything you need to get the job done!


  • StraightCut Cutter 45mm
  • Ruler: 6½ x 24½
  • Ruler: 6½ x 12
  • Ruler: 3 x 18
  • Ruler: 12½ x 12½
  • Ruler: 9½ x 9½
  • Ruler: 6½ x 6½
  • TrueCut 360 Circle Cutter
  • 5 Packs of TrueGrips (non-slip adhesives.)
  • TrueSharp 2 Power Sharpener

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