Accessory Spotlight

Month long quilting accessory sale this August!

Quilt Clips

For either Quilt Clips or Mini Quilt Clips

20% Off During August

Normaly $49.95 and $14.95

Now $39.96 and $11.96

Start-Right™ Quilt Clips make securing your quilt faster and easier. $39.96

Designed for a new level of ease in machine frame quilting, Start-Right Quilt Clips let you make quick adjustments, so your fabric will always be straight and have perfect tension.

The Quilt Clips slide over your fabric and frame rail, keeping the quilt layers together. They expand to adjust to thickly rolled fabric and work for frames with rails of either 1½ or 2 inches diameter.

Start-Right™ Mini Quilt Clips were made for securing everything else! $11.95

Organize your fabric on the table, your supplies, or whatever else you want to keep together. The Start-Right Mini Quilt Clips will take care of you.