Accessory Spotlight

Month long quilting accessory sale this Month!

Grace Spotlight

20% Off During february

Normaly $349.95

Now $279.96

Dual Wheel Upgrade

This upgrade to the Hoop-Frame provides your quilting a more rigid, professional and smoother feel compared to the single wheel version.

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TrueCut Spotlight

20% Off During february

Normaly $65.85

Now $52.68

Quilter's Combo

The Quilter's combo provides you with the baseline of what you should expect from the best cutter around:

  • Ergonomically designed cutter, so the cutter won't cause irritation from use.
  • Transparent ruler with cutter guide, for the perfect straight cut, every time.
  • TrueGrip tabs allow the ruler to hold itself in place, adding to the perfect straight cut you need.

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