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The revolutionary quilting machines raising the bar of quality and value for quilting enthusiasts.

Qnique 15 inch throat space

The Q'nique machines feature an extended work area from the needle to the back of the throat of the machine. This extended work area gives you the freedom to quilt larger patterns and blocks than possible on a standard sewing machine.

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Q'nique 21
Longarm Quilting Machine


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Q'nique 19

The bridge between domestic and professional

The Q'nique 19 takes the feel and comfort of a domestic shortarm, and adds it to the features of a longarm machine.

Q'nique 21
Longarm Quilting System


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Q'nique 21

A value that revolutionizes the market

The Q'nique 21 combines quality in precision stitching and user–friendly features together with a value that can't be beat.


Enhanced Stitch Quality

Built–In Stitch Regulation For Beautifully Consistent Stitches

The Q'nique 21 has been precisely encoded with built–in stitch regulation for a beautiful, consistent stitch. The powerful motor can achieve fine, detailed stitching at speeds up to 1,800 stitches–per–minute.

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Q'nique 21 Unique Features

With all of the professional features you'd expect from a leading longarm quilting machine, there are also some features that are truly "Q'nique"

Adjustable Hopping Foot

Q'nique 21 adjustable hopping foot

The patented hopping foot of the Q'nique 21 can be positioned for optimum visibility of the needle. Easily switch the hopping foot to either the side or the back of the needle according to your preference.

Adjustable Handles

Q'nique 21 adjustable handles

The handles can be adjusted to your favorite position. They can even be rotated down to a "micro–handle" position for precise control over fine stitching and stippling.

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