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TrueSharp 2
Power Rotary Blade Sharpener

Stop wasting money on new blades! Extend the life of the blades you already have with The TrueSharp Power Sharpener!

New improvements have been made to the TrueSharp electric rotary blade sharpener, giving even better sharpening results in faster time.

  • Sharpens any brand 28mm, 45mm, or 60mm rotary blade
  • Long-lasting, diamond-grit sharpening stones
  • Non-slip bottom surface
  • No batteries required, plugs into wall outlet

Sale: $64.95

TrueSharp Video

TrueSharp Sharpener Video

>See some additional sharpener tutorial videos here.

TrueSharp 2 Rotary Blade Sharpener Features

Sharpen blades with a button push

Sharpen Your Blades With the Push Of A Button

The high-power motor in the TrueSharp makes fast work of sharpening your rotary cutter blades. Just put in a blade, close the lid, and push the button! It's that simple!

Different sized rotary blades

Sharpens 3 Blade Sizes

We know you have many cutters at home, maybe even in different sizes. The TrueSharp will sharpen most brands of blades in 28mm, 45mm, or 60mm.
High quality sharpening stones

High Quality Diamond-Grit Sharpening Stones

The secret to the success of the TrueSharp is its use of high-quality sharpening stones. The same tools and methods that have been used to sharpen blades for centuries have now been adapted for sharpening your rotary blades!

blade sharp on both sides

Sharpens Both Sides Of The Blade At Once

The TrueSharp conveniently has two sharpening stones, one on top and the other on the bottom. This helps take the guesswork out of the sharpening process and saves you time.

Coarse sharpening stones

Extra Set Of Coarse Stones To Remove Nicks And Flat Spots

What about extra dull blades, or blades with nicks and flat spots? Fix them up with the included coarse-grit stones! After these take out the nick or flat spot, put the fine-grit stones back in the sharpener to get your blade smooth and extra sharp.

Rotary blade sharpening kit

All-Inclusive Sharpening Kit

Everything you could need for the best blade sharpening experience is included with the TrueSharp sharpening kit.

  • TrueSharp Sharpener
  • Power cord
  • Fine and coarse-grit stones
  • 5ml. Bottle of blade sharpening oil
  • Blade handler
  • Cleaning cloth

Rotary Blade Sharpener Comparison

TrueSharp Power Sharpener

TrueSharp sharpener
  • Easy sharpening with the push of a button
  • Sharpens both sides of the blade at once
  • Uses high-quality sharpening stones
  • Coars-grit stones included for removal of nicks and flat spots
  • Sharpens blades of most brands in 28mm, 45mm, or 60mm

Linear Rotary Blade Sharpener

Linear Blade Sharpener
  • Easy sharpening with the blade still in the cutter
  • Non-slip feet for safe, hands-free sharpening
  • Uses a high-quality sharpening stone
  • Sharpens any brand of blade, in sizes from 28mm to 60mm

What Others are Saying

"This one is great. It's like almost getting a new blade again! what a money saver given the price of blades. Easy to use and store when not in use. I've already recommended to many of my fellow quilters. Thanks for a great product."

"Let me tell you, it works GREAT! I'm going to tell my friends and endorse this purchase. It works and will save me money in the long run. It will pay it sell off in no time with the blade savings!"

"This blade sharpener sharpens all sizes. It does a very fast job and it is not a bad price. It's a great little machine for anybody that does quilting!"

"Love mine! It is the electric one. Small nicks can be removed with the coarser stones, then smooth with the finer ones."

"I have the True Cut Power Sharpener and I am very satisfied with it. I use 60mm blades which are quite pricey. If I can get more uses out of each blade, then I think it is worth the investment in the sharpener."

"I now have wonderfully sharp blades! I am impressed with your product and will demonstrate it at our next quilting meeting. Thanks again!"



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