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The Majestic
Machine Quilting Frame

The Majestic frame is the top of the line, and designed to give you the optimal quilting experience. Using favorite features from past frames, the Majestic also has innovative characteristics that are all its own. The carriage has been upgraded to a fully dual-wheel system that enhances stitch quality, accuracy, and motion. The steel construction makes it extra durable and able to withstand years and years of heavy use.


Majestic Overview Video

Majestic overview video

>See a tutorial for how to load the fabric on the frame here.

Majestic Quilting Frame Features

No-baste hand-quliting frame

No-Baste, No-Fuss System

The high-quality steel rails and precision ratchets make it easy to handle your fabric and tension without basting!

Majestic Quilting Frame in queen and crib size

2 Sizes In 1 Frame

Adjust your frame from crib (68”) to king (128") . See below for more information about frame sizing.

Smooth Dual-Wheel Track

The smooth dual-wheel track system improves carriage motion and accuracy, giving you more control of fine, detailed stitching.

height-adjustable legs

Height-Adjustable Legs

Set the frame to your perfect level so you can quilt in comfort.

4th rail

Fourth Rail For Batting

Having a fourth rail keeps your batting off the floor so it stays clean and easier to manage.

Fabri-Fast fabric attachment

Easy Fabric Attachment

The Fabri-Fast™ slots and tubing make attaching your fabric easy, without the use of tacks, ties, or tape!

Fabri-Fast fabric attachment

Leveling Feet

No matter what floor your frame is on, these feet are an easy way to make sure it's level and balanced.

Majestic hand wheel

Easy To Use Hand Wheel

Rolling the quilt on the take-up rail is easy with the convenient hand-wheel.

Size Specifications

Physical Frame Size

Majestic Frame Size

Work Area:

(The work area allows for room on the sides of the frame for bungee clamps. It is roughly the size of the quilt you can work on with the frame.)
Crib: 48"

2Ft. Extension Available!

Entend your Majestic's work area an extra 2 feet
Majestic 2 Foot Extension

Machine Quilting Frame Comparison

Majestic Quilting Frame

Majestic quilting frame
  • No-Baste, Fabri-Fast rail system
  • Sets up in king or crib sizes
  • Fits machines with throats up to 18"
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Steel rails
  • Height-adjustable legs
  • Fourth rail for easy batting control
  • Dual wheel track system for improved carriage motion
  • Hand-wheel for easy quilt rolling

Gracie King Or Queen Frame

Gracie King and Queen frames
  • No-Baste, Fabri-Fast rail system
  • Gracie King Sets up in king, queen, or crib sizes
  • Gracie Queen Sets up in queen or crib sizes
  • Fits machines with throats up to 18"
  • Beautiful wood-crafted construction
  • Aluminum rails
  • Height-adjustable legs
  • (Gracie King Only) Fourth rail for easy batting control
  • Movable bottom rail for quick access to your batting

SR2 Quilting Frame

SR2 Machine Quilting Frame
  • No-Baste, Fabri-Fast rail system
  • Sets up in queen or crib sizes
  • Fits machines with throats up to 13"
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Steel rails
  • New easy fabric control with 2-rail system and "Quilt Clasps"
  • Simplified assembly



New Qnique Video!

qnique features video

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