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Grace Hoop2

The Grace Hoop2

The Grace Hoop2 is the foremost of a great line of square hoops designed to make hoop quilting easier. The square weave in fabric lends itself naturally to these hoops, achieving a better even tension on all sides. Designed with your comfort in mind, the Grace Hoop2 can adjust in height and angle to match your work-style.

Stand Supports all three hoop sizes:
With 14" hoop
With 18" hoop
With 24" hoop

Grace Hoop2 Features

hoop with height adjustable stand

Adjust It To Your Comfort Level

The Most adjustable quilting hoop stand in the market. Adjust the hieght of the work area to best suit your quilting style.

swivel angle quilting hoop

Adjust Your Work Angle

Wheather you like it right in front of you, or off to the side, you can adjust the hoop to any angle.

tilting Quilting Hoop

Full 360° Swivel

The full rotation and swivel of the hoop lets you work from all the angles and from any corner.

portable quilting hoop stand

Folds Up!

The Grace Hoop2 folds up for space-saving storage and portability.

Hoop Edge Tools

Tension All the Way to the Edges

Free edge tools are included for maximum side tension, even when working on a corner or edge.

quilting hoop sizes

Three Sizes of Hoops

Your choice of a 24, 18, or 14 inch hoop. You can also get more than one for different projects!

Hoop2 Size

Grace Hoop2 Size

Optional Accessory

Swing Arm Lamp

Swing Arm Lamp $22.95

Individual Hoops For Different Sized Projects

24" Individual Quilting Hoop

24 inch quilting hoop


18" Individual Quilting Hoop

18 inch quilting hoop


14" Individual Quilting Hoop

14 inch quilting hoop




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