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Choosing a Hand Frame

Choosing a hand frame that's right for you

Before choosing a frame, it is best to learn which features are most important for you and the projects you do. No matter your quilting needs, there is a GraceFrame that’s right for you. Here are some key questions to ask yourself when choosing a frame:

• Project Size:

Will your projects ever include a king size quilt? All of the GraceFrames allow for queen size quilts and smaller, but only the top of the line will extend to king size.

• Fourth rail:

Traditional rail frames have three rails for your quilt layers. Having a fourth rail lets you get your batting off the floor, keeping it clean and easier to manage. Currently, the Z44 is the only hand frame to feature a fourth rail.

• Adjustability:

Both the Z44 and the EZ3 have the ability to fold up, even with the fabric still installed. Both of these frames also have great features that let them adjust to your working style, but the Z44 has a little more adjustability and is the only hand frame with height adjustable legs.

Keep these questions in mind as you review our line of fine quality hand quilting frames.


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