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Hand quilting is a treasured skill that has withstood the test of time. Today it is considered a highly rewarding labor of love for those who practice it. The Grace Company hand quilting frames have deep roots in this traditional art, as well as innovative new features that make hand quilting easier and more convenient.

No-baste, professional rail system

No need to baste your layers! Create beautiful quilts with complete control over tension without the fabric puckering up! The Grace Z44 and EZ3 hand quilting frames both utilize an innovative rail system to make the quilting process easier. Each layer of fabric is secured on its own rail and comes together in a large work area. Fabric tension is controlled on the rails by a precise ratchet system, making it easy to keep your layers tight and together.

Fabri-Fast fabric attachment

The unique Grace Company Fabri-Fast system is included in all of our rails. No need for quilting tacks, ties, or tape! It’s as easy as sliding the fabric into the rail slot with the provided Fabri-Fast tool. Fabric is held securely in the slot by a Fabri-Fast tube.



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