Quilt Motion Automated Quilting

Computer Automated Quilting

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Enjoy the benefits of a professional automated quilting system in the comfort of your own home! You design it, QuiltMotion quilts it! QuiltMotion takes you seamlessly through pattern design to stitching with absolute ease.

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Different versions of QuiltMotion have been designed for different branded sewing machines. Contact your sewing machine dealer to see if they have a QuiltMotion for your machine.

Compatability List Check the Compatibility List here to see if your sewing machine is compatible with QuiltMotion.

QuiltMotion Computer Automated Quilting Features

QuiltMotion Software Screenshot

Powerful Quilting Software

QuiltMotion takes you seamlessly through the pattern design software to the finished quilt. Design and layout blocks, pantographs, and whole quilts, and the automated quilting software will quilt them for you!

digital pattern quilted

QuiltMotion Quilts Your Patterns With Precision

QuiltMotion comes with a motor plate and hardware that attach to your sewing machine and quilting frame. QuiltMotion controls your sewing machine to accurately stitch your quilt designs.
QuiltMotion pattern library

Included Library Of Over 200 Patterns

QuiltMotion's quilt design software comes with a library of over 200 patterns to choose from. You can always import new digital patterns from other sources, or use the pattern design software to create your own!

quilt pattern placement

Precise Placement Methods

QuiltMotion lets you place your patterns on quilt the exact way you want, even if you have to stretch or skew a pattern.

QuiltMotion LCD Screen

Included LCD Screen For Easy Control

An 8-button LCD display is included to give you control right at your sewing machine.

QuiltMotion trace photograph

Trace New Patterns From Photographs

Create quilting patterns from your favorite photographs! QuiltMotion lets you trace them and save them as quilting patterns.

QuiltMotion Full Feature List

• Comes with the motor plate and hardware needed to control you machine

• Includes pattern library with 200 quilt-ready patterns

•Create your own patterns or trace them from photographs

•Design and edit blocks, pantographs, borders, and full quilt layouts

•Included LCD display for convenient control right at your sewing machine

•Precise pattern placement methods

• See your pattern in relation to your quilt on-screen before you begin quilting

• Record and save any free-hand quilted patterns to use or edit later

• Easily switch between computer guided quilting and free-hand quilting

• Import a wide variety of pattern file types from other programs

• For Windows XP, Vista, and 7 through 10

QuiltMotion and Quilter's Creative Touch Comparison


  • Automated quilting system for designing and precisely stitching your patterns
  • Simple but powerful pattern design software
  • Included motor plate and hardware to control your sewing machine
  • Runs on Windows 7 through 10, PC's and laptops
  • Must be connected to a PC or laptop while in use

Quilter's Creative Touch

Grtacie Queen Frame
  • Software with added functions and features like Panto Stacker, Font-Stitcher, and Virtual Longarm
  • Even more powerful and easy to use
  • Works on any Windows 7 through 10 tablet or PC
  • Designed to work on Windows tablet right at the machine, with no computer or laptop needed

*QuiltMotion must be installed on your system in order to use Quilter's Creative Touch Software.

Learn more about the added features in Quilter's Creative Touch Software.

Help Files and Videos

quiltmotion help video

See QuiltMotion help files and videos here.

Optional Accessories

sidekick table

Side-kick Table: $89.95

The Side-Kick table is the best way to work with QuiltMotion, keeping your laptop next to your quilting frame.

Note: QuiltMotion does not come with a laptop



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