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Original Grace Frame"I believe there is a market for a better quilting frame" -Grace Bagley

The Grace Company  is built on a foundation of invention and innovation in the timeless tradition of quilting. The first spark of the company's beginnings can be traced back many years ago, when the namesake of the company, Grace, recognized the need for a better quilting frame. From this one observation sprang a long line of  ingenuity and invention that led to a quilting frame with a no-baste rail system fittingly named the GraceFrame.


Early Beginnings

Mormon Handicraft became the first store to display and sell the GraceFrame. As the inventive frame grew in popularity, more and more stores began distributing it. In 1987 the company began its yearly tradition of attending the International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston, Texas. This, in turn, helped to broaden the frame’s exposure and expand business for The Grace Company.

Company Growth

Each year the company continued to grow, and consistently made improvements to the frame’s design. The product line was expanded to include more versatile frame models, quilting hoops and quilting accessories. In 2001, The Grace Company saw the opportunity for a better frame in the machine quilting industry. The result was the original Grace Machine Quilter (GMQ), a quilting frame that made machine quilting accessible for home quilters. The Grace Company has since become the number one producer of both machine and hand quilting frames, as well as quilting hoops. Besides manufacturing their own frames, The Grace Company also produces quilting frames for many sewing machine companies.


We Provide the Tools, You Create the Masterpiece

The Grace Company consistently generates new and exciting ideas, experiments in new product design, and is always reaching new heights in excellence and quality.  The Grace Company goes to great expense to take each product from concept to market by utilizing state-of-the-art software, in-house rapid prototyping, and cost-efficient sourcing and manufacturing. Through these means, The Grace Company has been able to rapidly respond to market and customer needs and continues to lead the industry. After 25 wonderful years, The Grace Company continues in the tradition of creativity, innovation, and service.



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